Al Thumama Showcase Stadium
Al Thumama Innovation Park

Al Thumama Showcase Stadium is GORD Institute brand new facility located inside Al Thumama Stadium – one of the eight proposed venues of FIFA World Cup 2022.

Continuing the research spirit fostered at TechnoHub, Al Thumama Showcase Stadium houses various applied research activities related to funded projects and pilot scale research. Research related to both the energy and materials group goes on here.

The facility is home to joint research activities between GORD and the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy for FIFA World Cup 2022. It aims to develop new technologies in fields of eco-materials, energy efficiency, HVAC solutions, environmental sciences, renewable energy, and carbon & climate change – all targeted to curb the carbon footprint of stadiums and linked facilities. Some activities underway at Al Thumama Innovation Center include testing of PV systems, wind turbines, battery storage systems, smart grid systems, and hybrid cooling systems, etc.

Encompassing the facilities within Al Thumama Stadium is a space dedicated to research and development of large-scale green technologies. Specialists here innovate and test the performance and viability of novel solutions through state-of-the-art infrastructure that includes a 500-panel solar farm, non-solar renewable energy farm, space-efficient battery storage systems, sustainable cooling plants and power generating walkable photovoltaic tiling system, etc.

Al-Thumama’s Indoor Research Facility is home to like-minded experts led by a genuine passion for scientific research and innovation in the disciplines of energy, electronics and materials engineering. Specialists here conceptualize, develop and test sustainable solutions for their viability and suitability for the region. Al Thumama houses a range of applied research activities related to funded projects and pilot scale research in areas targeting sustainable design and operations of stadiums and linked facilities.