Compared to conventional air conditioning units, Synergia’s multi-mode system can dramatically reduce the energy consumption and associated carbon emissions. As only small amount of electricity is used to drive the blowers and pumps supporting the evaporative cooling technology, SYNERGIA7n1 presents a highly energy-efficient air conditioning system for dry and humid climates.

Cost Effective

Using SYNERGIA7n1 makes business sense. Compared to DX based 100% fresh air handling units currently available in the market, Synergia7in1 can save 30% to 55% energy, resulting in significant cost cuts. By using safe potassium formate (HCOOK) as liquid desiccant, which is cheaper than conventional aqueous desiccant salts, SYNERGIA7n1 also comes with low operational costs.


Synergia’s ultra-efficient multimode system allows seamless integration of three technologies backed with high-quality compressors optimized to work effectively along the air processing line in the cooling cycle. Compared to conventional vapor compression units of similar capacities, the unit’s performance across various modes has been tested to be up to COP of 5 and EER of 19.


Depending on the ambient climate conditions and the cooling needs of each facility, SYNERGIA7n1 can be customized to operate on various modes. The unit’s climate-specific approach benefits from psychrometric analyses of yearly weather profiles. Based on the climate needs, Synergia can operate on single, double and triple modes.


Synergia’s fresh air handling system provides 100% outdoor air supply leading to improved indoor air quality (IAQ) for occupants’ health and wellbeing. Unlike existing fresh air-cooling units that use LiCl, CaCl2 and LiBr, Synergia’s liquid desiccant is odorless, non-toxic and non-flammable.


Offering broad applicability, Synergia’s patented system can adapt to various scenarios envisaged for comfort cooling and strict indoor air quality conditions. The unit can be used in hot and humid climate to cool indoor or outdoor spaces requiring 100% fresh air, including hospitals, schools and clean rooms as well as semi-outdoor spaces such as greenhouses, barns and open arenas.

Low Maintenance

Synergia’s liquid desiccant ‘HCOOK’ has low crystallization and regeneration temperatures. At the same time, it is less corrosive. All these features make SYNERGIA7n1 highly affordable to maintain in the long run.

User Friendly

Synergia’s climate smart technology comes with easy operability. The control loops in the unit are fully automated to manage the modes of operation of different parts based on the outside weather conditions and the supply air requirements specified in setpoints.