International Green Mark

Setting the bar for environmentally responsible products

International Green Mark is an environmental labelling system created by the Gulf Organisation for Research & Development. It offers a robust and independent certification process to manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that IGM eco-labeled products deliver high environmental performance and quality.

By assessing and verifying the sustainable attributes of products, IGM presents an impartial statement on whether a product is less harmful to the environment than another similar yet unlabeled product. On par with international standards, the operation and designing of IGM schemes follows the requirements of ISO 17065 and ISO 17067. IGM is operated by GORD Institute, a Centre of Excellence at GORD.

International Green Mark is an environmental labelling system

IGM in Context

Never before have end users been more environmentally aware than they are today. With green regulations rapidly becoming a norm in most countries, manufacturers continuing with conventional practices must do so at their own peril. Through ecolabeling, GORD Institute’s International Green (IGM) provides an indirect but effective approach to improve the quality of the environment and encourage sustainable management of resources. Within MENA region, IGM is by far one of the most comprehensive ecolabelling system.