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Ecolabeling is a voluntary method of environmental performance certification awarded preferably by an independent third party for products and services proven to be environmentally superior within a specific category. Such labeling schemes provide an indirect but effective approach to improve the quality of the environment and encourage sustainable management of resources.
Environmental labels are developed to inform consumers about the positive environmental impacts contributed by the products which they purchase. Through this approach, an environmental label presents an impartial statement on whether a product is less harmful to the environment than another similar yet unlabeled product. Benefits of third-party managed ecolabeling schemes include the following:

  • Enabling consumers to buy products with labels which target socially and ecologically responsible practices.
  • Providing new trade opportunities via access to high-value niche markets.
  • Resulting in safer and more reliable products.
  • Facilitating wider acceptance of products in the marketplace.
  • Instilling consumer confidence in the eco-labeled products.
  • Distinguishing manufacturers making products with lower environmental impacts.