CO2 utilisation for the production of building materials
Aim Objective

To investigate a carbon capture and mineralisation process which produces a carbonate based building material that surpasses the physical properties of gypsum plasterboard.

Major Impact Expected
  • A promising avenue for carbon capture which would take advantage of large volume buildings and construction market.
  • Employs the principles of circular economy to formulate a sustainable material, made from local Qatari resources and wastes, which substitute imported commodities such as plasterboards.
  • Functional products which are designed to be competitive materials, by replacing carbon intensive materials and creating added value.
Intellectual Property

A potential patent will be filled when more data is generated to ensure more certainty of the hypotheses presented.


Three papers in peer-reviewed journals.

 CO2 utilisation for the production of building materials
Project ID

NPRP Cycle 10
[NPRP 10-0216-170475 ]

End Users

Construction industry, Ashghal, Qatari Diar Cement industry


Ongoing QNRF funding