Development of a Low Carbon and Economically Competitive Cement
Aim Objective
  • Determination of the optimum condition and stabilisation mechanisms of alpha prime belite through lab scale investigations with the objective of subsequent upscale for pilot production.
  • Development of a predictive thermodynamic equilibrium model to accelerate the experimental investigation at both lab scale and pilot scale.
  • Integration of a carbon footprint calculation model into the aforementioned equilibrium model which produces environmental context for designed formulations.
  • Development of a combined life-cycle and cost analysis model for the assessment of the novel process’ economic and environmental performance.
  • Pilot scale CSA production trials to demonstrate the developed process’ applicability in an industrial environment.
Major Impact Expected

The impact of the development of a low cost CSA cement provides the industry an opportunity to surpass its 2030 CO2 reduction target using a technology which requires minimal capital investment as it can be produced using existing cement plant technology. Additionally, with the novel process’ utilisation of sulfur by-product from the natural gas industry, it addresses a major national environmental concern by recycling a hazardous waste and converting it to a valuable product with market demand.

 Development of a Low Carbon and Economically-Competitive Cement
Project ID

NPRP Cycle 12
[NPRP 0319-190413]

End Users

SMEET, Qatari Diar, Qatar Shell Research Technology Centre


Ongoing QNRF funding