Photovoltaic and Thermoelectric Hybrid System for Highly Efficient Solar to Electrical Power Conversion

Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques IPM

Aim Objective

To use solar spectrum effectively to convert solar energy flux to electrical power through the use of hybrid solar PV and Thermo-electric material.


The project was successful in showing that the theoretical idea of the combination of a TEG and a classical solar cell could lead to a sufficient higher solar to electric conversion for energy production. The partners in Qatar and Germany were able to produce promising demonstrator device.

Major Impact Expected

Development of a laboratory scale device combining PV and TEG modules in an integrated manner.

Intellectual Property

Patent application for the project:
Hybrid PV and Thermoelectric Solar Module PCT/GB2015/053493 – WO2016/079503


One paper in peer-reviewed journal.

 Potential Native Plants for Urban Landscapes in Qatar and the Gulf Countries: Propagation and Adaptation under Nursery and Urban Conditions.
Project ID

NPRP Cycle 5
[NPRP 5 - 363 - 1 - 069]

End Users


Project is closed