Use of Energy Maps in Qatar
Aim Objective

The project's goal is to develop a space resolved database to support integrated energy planning.


Enhancing GSAS energy tool “GSAS Energia Suite ™" which calculates building s energy use based on CEN ISO calculation method GSAS Energia Suite ™ translates the calculated energy and emission into effective Energy Performance Coefficient (EPC) and Energy Performance Label (EPL). The data obtained is integrated into detailed maps for Qatar showing the energy consumption by type of buildings through “Visualization Tool" developed specifically for this project.

Major Impact Expected
  • Developing a new “Visualization Tool" within “GSAS Energia Suite" for assessing the energy consumption performance of different types of buildings in different locations.
  • Facilitation of the issuance of Energy Performance Label ( for comparing energy consumption in buildings of different typologies This will help creating energy maps for any district, region or a country.
Intellectual Property
  • Development of Visualization Tool within GSAS Energia Suite ™ which is protected by a copyright by GORD.
  • Outcomes are incorporated in GSAS Operations manual and launched in GORD Sustainability Summit 2018.

One paper in peer-reviewed journal (under review).

 Use of Energy Maps in Qatar
Project ID

NPRP Cycle 8
[NPRP 8-244-2-097]

End Users

KNPC, Aspire City, QF City, Lusail City and Supreme Committee FIFA 2022 Stadiums


Ongoing through GORD internal funding